Features as a distinguished trading company which handles life related components as well as materials for construction
Since its foundation in 1967, The First Trading Co.,Ltd. (FTC) mainly deals with brand-new and used construction machines to export.

Together with these principal business fields, construction related materials and interior components or parts for housing equipments are also handled.

They are imported from some of the famous manufacturers established a long time ago in Germany, and from advanced manufacturers that respect design, rationality, efficiency of usage in the U.S.A. to supply some of the leading companies which develop a sales net in Japan.

On the other hand, looking at the export, we herewith show some of the features that we can make the most of standpoint as an agent, and that those features may function usefully by our activities to overseas.

Nowadays, global competition against overseas manufacturers becomes more and more severe and it looks like we compete with them as if it were done in Japanese market. Hence, products made-in close to Japan will supersede with Japanese products. Time is now entered era of competition.

One of the business domains of our company is import, especially of construction related materials and interior or living-based components and parts from overseas such as America, Germany and countries from South-East Asia.

Concretely, we are handling kind of hoses such as high pressure/washing hoses, hose bands, buckles and cramps, sort of interior or living-based components such as repair patch, scraper, smoother and tile cutter, and then goods sold in DIY shops such as lifters, porters and shower heads etc. One of the importing goods from South-East Asia is a glossy and useful fishing net as you can see by photo.

Countries from which we have been importing are USA, Germany, England, Austria, France in Europe, and Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore and Malasia in Asia, and Australia. For information, we will show you herewith some of the examples we import. Concurrently, we are doing an import by request of the home page users of ours, for industry and personal purpose. Upon request, we are always at your disposition.

Some of the imported Living-based Components & Parts
Repair Patch

(Wall-repair Tool)


(Tile Peel-off Tool)

Tile Cutter

(Vinyl Tile-cutting Tool)

Cramping Tool

(Hose-caulking Tool)

Lifter, Porter

(Roller Carrier)

Items we have been handling are, since foundation of the company, construction machine and its related components and parts, electric components like solenoid valves, rubber-resin products for industry use like PVC hoses, which are used for water/oil/chemical/food/beverage transportation pipes, components for pump-related products, and etc.

Recently, we are pursuing to develop some of the originality-oriented products or components, aiming at market positioning, such as digital pressure sensor, load cells, temperature control valve, solar controller, and then assistive educational toys in terms of welfare-education, which enable us to be Only-one oriented strategy.

Some of the exported Products for industry and Living-related Componetns

Pressure Sensor, Load Cells

(Pressure, Load measuring instruments)

Auto-Mixing Valve

(Temperature Control Valve)

Assistive Educational Toys

(Welfare assistive products)

Solenoid Valve

(Parts used for Automation)

Impeller(for Pump)

(Components for Fishery engine pump)

PVC Hoses